Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Baby is suddenly becoming a Little Girl

It is amazing to keep a track of milestones and I just love seeing my baby achieve them. Since birth she has achieved all her milestones on time (Mashallah). All of a sudden now it has become one of my daily chore to keep a track of these developments.

My sweetheart has been literally doing a new thing every day since she turned 6 months in end of May 2011. One fine Sunday morning when I got up from my sleep I saw Zoe sitting on the bed all by herself, without any support.

As if this wasn't enough, a couple of days later I saw Zoe picking up a piece of Roti and keep it in her mouth with her two small little fingers.

2 Weeks later we were having lunch at out favorite cafe and Zoe all of a sudden stood on her own two feet with support of a couch.

It is amazing to see her grow and develop new skills. This also means you have to be more watchful and careful. With these new developments come lots of falls and slips. Where the baby is bond to get hurt.

All I'm doing now is enjoying her grow and be close to her just to keep a track on my little baby... ooops Little girl.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Age Dads - Part II

Till recently (read till a little over 7 months back) I was of the opinion that when it comes to parenting, daddies always play a secondary role... Moms always have an upper hand.
Most of the credit for development of this mind set actually goes to us women, who believe its our job to care for our babies.. I remember, my mum had come to visit us, I was having dinner and Faizan was watching TV... Zoe started crying... the moment I looked at Faizan my mum gave me a dirty look (she wanted me to go and attend to Zoe).Per her, how can I expect my 'Poor Husband' to make Zoe calm.

Thankfully my husband doesn't believe in 'parenting is only momma's job'. He can take complete care of Zoe (which he does on weekends). Infact there are things which I have to learn from him... like bathing Zoe, entertaining her and feeding her patiently.I would like to believe that most dads these days have become extremely hands-on. They can do anything if required, from changing a dirty diaper to making her go to sleep.Gone are the days when daddies just existed (especially when the baby was really small). New age dads have a role to play in the child's upbringing from the day the baby arrives in this world...
We are proud of you new daddies... and for those who still live in the past era... you have a lot to learn from the new-gen dads....