Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Month 11 - Zoe's on a Developing Spree...

So Zoe turns 11 months today and I have been off from the blog - space for a while now ... there are many new that Zoe has started doing off late. Before I miss em all out I better move my lazy fingers and jot em all down.

The thing I'm happiest about is that Zoe has gone off bottles completely... Now my Zoe is a sipper girl. I have heard so much about moms tearing their hair as their babies aren't switching from bottles to sipper. With Zoe it was a smooth ride touch-wood. One fine day, I just thought I'd give her milk in a sipper, no more bottles... And Zoe was ok with it.

Zoe is over formula milk as well... She now has normal cows milk (as per her ped's instructions... We chose to give her tetra packed milk) here again my baby didn't gimme any problem.

The development that I'm most excited about is that Zoe has started responded to bye. Not only she waves when you say "Bye-Bye"... She also replies saying "ba-bye" (in her cutest Donald Duckish voice).

She's also exercising her legs as she walks, squats and lunges while holding on to a furniture piece or us. She knows that one day real soon Insh'Allah she'll have to let go and walk independently. Oh! How much am I waiting for that day. I'm giving my girl... time and lots of exercise so that she starts walking alone when she's really ready.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Zoe Story

Zoe would be celebrating 1st her birthday next month, and it is high time I have her birth story jotted down. I was an HR professional and have put my career on halt since the day Zoe came in our lives. Faizan and me (who have been married for almost 4 years now) come closest to a happy urban couple. We respect each other, believe in giving one another space, and love to spend time with each other. Zoe has just made our family perfect and complete (Mashallah).
Staying in Bangalore (without no family here) both of us know Zoe is our priority and both of us set aside the things we want to do to take care of our Princess. Faizan is a hands-on-dad in the truest form, her does everything from changing her diapers, to bathing her, feeding her, dressing her up, to distracting her when I comb her hair. 

We didn't plan on starting a family, but when we conceived Zoe... after we actually came to terms with the fact we were happy, excited, a little confused and what not. In short we were ecstatic. For the both of us it meant our marriage got a brand new meaning, and our family became complete.

I had seen my elder sister who was pregnant with my nephew (2 years elder to Zoe). So I had and idea about pregnancy. Besides I read alot, discussed a lot with other preggy woman (when working 10 of my colleagues were pregnant so I had a lot of company).

Fortunately for me, I had a very normal pregnancy. I was working till the 25th of November (a day before we were blessed with Zoe). Frankly, I feel people make a big deal about pregnancy... or maybe I was just fortunate enough. I only had a little morning sickness in the 1st trimester.

I was also lucky to have Faizan and my family (mums and sis) by my side. I also had a very employee friendly employee, so I was extremely happy throughout.

Faizan was very cooperative from the day we knew we were expecting a baby. He made sure I was happy, had my home-cooked meals at the right time, took my medicines regularly, et al. He accompanied me to all the doctor visits from day-1, there wasn't a day when I had to go to the doc's clinic alone or with my mom. He couldn't be there with me in the OT as I had a C-sec, but besides that he was always besides me.
I remember I worked half day on 25th and went to the doc's clinic for a regular check-up. The doctor suspected some complication (the only problem I faced in my pregnancy) and this was followed by a series of tests. At around 11:30 in the night, it was decided I would have a C-Sec. I was a little upset as I wanted a normal delivery... but then it was because of Zoe's health we gave in and decided to have a C-Sec.
At 1:06 am on 26th November 2010 Zoe came into this world. I was under anaesthesia and at around 3:00am when I woke up, the 1st thing I asked the nurse was - how is the baby? The nurse told me "it was a baby girl" and I was on top of the world. I was able to look at Zoe only at around 4 in the morning. Faizan was so excited about Zoe coming in our lives that he bonded with her from day one. Faizan is very strong person, but is very emotional when it comes to me or Zoe.

The first few months with the baby were chaotic. Zoe was born underweight… She was suffering from colic for the initial 2 months, we shifting to Bangalore where were all alone. I had forgotten to wash my hair. I didn’t know how I was looking. I stopped working out, put on weight. I was recovering from C-Sec, my back pain was severe and energy levels low. It was like a mad rush with so many things on my mind... but myself. Now I have eased out a little but the initial 8-8.5 months were bad. Now Zoe's schedule is set, we are better settled in Bangalore, I have started working out, doing things I enjoy.

All my time right now is 'Zoe-time', so whatever I do, I take some time from Zoe and then I do it. On weekends and when he is at home, Faizan doesn't let me do much. He pretty much does everything for Zoe. I actually enjoy my Zoe-time...

Before Zoe came in my life, I watched all the movies possible in the theatre... partied... ate out... So I was prepared to have a child, and though occasionally I miss that life... When I look at Zoe I don't mind.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I loved Ice-cream"

Ice-cream... The name itself makes me drool, and it would have been unfair to keep Zoe away from them for long.

On the 2nd of Oct we were coming back from our regular 'Lunch-Shopping for Zoe' Sunday ritual. The weather was awesome as it was raining. We crossed Baskin Robins, and I said "Why don't you and Zoe have an ice-cream?" (I have been off ice-creams for a while now). Before I could complete my sentence, Faizan took a U-turn.

I ordered 'Cotton Candy' Flavor for Zoe (not only because I loved it, it also went well with the color she was wearing).

She waited patiently (or not so patiently) 
while I gave her the 1st bite.
1st taste of Ice-cream 

And she didn't want to let go off the spoon.
Finally when she finished it all... her 
expressions told us how much she liked the treat...

 Here is to many more sweet treats in our lives...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleep-a-thorn in progress

Did I mention about a marathon in my last post... Well its just that the baby is continuously on the go... Place her on the high-chair and she can take a 180 deg turn... On the floor I have to literally follow her and keep an eye on her, else she gets herself into trouble.
Gone are the days when Zoe slept peacefully.

The problem, my dear friends doesn't end here... She is as mobile in her sleep as she is while she is awake. Its like a sleep-a-thorn as I like to call it. She sleeps through the night (thankfully) and generally by 9.00-9.30 (max) she is in her bed. We cover her from all the sides with pillows and cushions... Still we need to check on Zoe every hour... You might have made her lie down in the center of the king size bed but whenever you go... She is all over the bed except at the place we did leave her last. Her favorite sleep position is like an ostrich... with her head dug in the bed and her hips in the air...

Unfortunately for me, I don't have a sound sleep at all... Even if she moves slightly during the night we get up, and then it takes a good one hour for me to go back to bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Good Night all...