Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

6 years of friendship
6 years of belief in each other
6 years of standing besides each other
6 years of spreading happiness in each others life
6 years of turning partners from friends and parents from partners
6 years of loving each other more with each passing day
6 years of spending life’s best moments with each other
6 years of hoping the best is yet to come
6 years of working hard and lazing around
6 years of promises that we know we want to keep
6 beautiful years of togetherness
6 amazing years of wishing that we will grow old together

You have been my support, my best critic, my better half. You (sort of) fill the void my AJ left… I can’t say this about you, but I have been BLESSED to have Faizan as my husband… as a best friend for life. I do not know if I have been a good wife, but I know you love me a lot…
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. Love You!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Potty Training Story!

Well, there is no story really. When Z was born the thing I was petrified of was potty training… no… not her sleep schedule, sleepless nights, her picky eating, her tantrums, her admission, nothing scared me as much as Potty Training. I had heard so many opinions and so many horror stories that I was scared. I did not want to hurry.

Zoe was in her diapers till 2.5 years, I didn’t put much effort in potty training.No, I wasn’t being lazy (that’s one thing I’m not) I was just waiting for the right time. And one day I realized Z has started showing all signs of being ready. I followed this list on Babycenter. I soon knew she was ready… I told her a story… I made it up. About how big girls and boys should use potty in the bathroom. I told her if we keep on doing potty and pee-pee in diapers it smells bad and germs will make her bummy red. She said “OK Momma”… from that day I left her diaper free except at night or when we go out for a long time.

She sits on the big potty in the bathroom and tell momma like a good girl when she wants to go poo or pee. I’m not saying all parents will have the same story, all I’m trying to say is wait till your little one is ready.