Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Activity - Recognizing Sounds

Z knows all the basic 42 sounds, and we have a song to go with it. Thanks to Jolly Phonics am able to do various exercises with her at home. I'm also planning to enroll her in my MLCB phonics from April onwards. We as parents might be struggling to take out time for Z, but there are things she should be happy about. 

I bought a sound box for my class and Fizz being Fizz brought one for Z as well. Z loves making words and showing how well she knows her sounds. She can sit with her sound box for an hour at a stretch and I make sure we do a round of sound games every day. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

BZM Pick - Big Dog, Little Dog

Book: Big Dog, Little Dog
Author: P.D Eastman

This book has been a part of  Tale in a Mail February Pack, but it was a part of our family since Z turned 2.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: Z loved Eastman's 'Are you my mother?' and I picked the book up instantly. Another reason why I picked this book up was because I wanted to introduce Z to the concept of friendship and found it apt. Besides friendship it also introduces children to the concept of opposites.

The Toddler's take: Z loved the book from the word go. Now it is an integral part of her library and she calls it her 'Fizzy-Zoe book' because it is about friends and her dad is her best friend. She laughs through the book and it is one of the few books she prefers reading with Fizz.

What it is about: It is a simple, yet amazing book about two completely different dogs who are as different as chalk and cheese but still these are best of friends.

How We Read it: We read it without many gimmicks because the book in itself is a brilliant read. Lots of colours, funny situations and friends.

Age Group:  2.5 years+

If you believe I'm a good judge of books pick this one right away... if you haven't got it as a part of Tale in a Mail

Happy Reading

Pick it up from here

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Observing Z at School!

We as parents have made a lot of mistakes in the 3 years of bringing Z up, and we have done some good things as well. While we learned from our mistakes and try to move on... the good things do make us feel amazing. One of the best thing that happened to us was choosing Z's school, Siksha is like that school Fizz and me had planned for Z, and we are happy we chose the school. 

We recently had an observation at school, which happens twice a year (that is what I've heard). We observe Z work in that environment and then have a small chit-chat with the teacher. Z had completed 6 months in Siksha and it was the first time she saw 'her Fizzy' in her class. So all she wanted to do was sit in Fizz's lap and not do anything. Seeing how patiently her teacher Ms. Vinaya made her come and sit on the mat was beautiful. Besides R, an M3 student made sure Z was comfortable and showed her proud parents what she was capable of doing. 

Loved seeing her work on the movable sounds (she knows all the sounds), using the 2nd box of colour tablets. It was so amazing to see her fold her mat with precision. 

Her teacher told us about her language skills which are great (Masha'Allah). We were told she loves stories, music and artwork.

The moment of the day was seeing her assemble the world map puzzle. At 3 did we know the names and locations of all the 7 continents? Well, Z does. 

Its magical to see Z work in this environment and growing (literally). We feel blessed ...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Montessori Activity - Walking on the Line

A child needs to practice, perfect, and consolidate the body’s movements. That is the reason why Dr. Montessori decided to incorporate this activity. It has various version, we did the easiest one. I will try to do the advanced ones as well.

I just stuck a thick scotch tape

For advanced version:They can walk with flag or bell
or a glass of water
or carrying 2 different objects
or with something on their head

The activity helps in  concentration and coordination of child's movement. It also makes them aware about their body and help them balance.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Montessori Activity - Spooning Grains

I'm so obsessed with the Montessori activities, that now I do one activity every day and now I have decided to cover it in the blog on a daily basis. Spooning grains is one of the simplest practical life activities. It not only develops the spooning skills, it helps in coordination of movement. Concentration improves as well.


- A Tray (the one here in the picture doesn't has a tray but now I have realised using a tray is better)
- 2 Identical Bowls
- 1 Spoon (preferably an oval teaspoon)
- Grain (I used Toor/Arhar Dal)

Gripping the Spoon:
Hold the spoon from the middle, lift it completely from the tray. Wrap 3 fingers around the spoon handle and grip it firmly. Lifting the spoon in the middle of the bowl is the right way to do it.

Here is a video for the activity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HErAgsNmT8

Z was busy for 10 minutes and she didn't give up till all the grains were transferred.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Pick - The Susu Pals by Richa Jha

Book: The Susu Pals
Author: Richa Jha
Illustrated by: Alicia Souza

I got this book as a complimentary pre-launch copy of this amazing book, thanks to Richa.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: Well, the moment I saw the e-book and read the copy I loved the book because it was just plain hilarious. And any child would relate to the situation. When I got the book the Z loved it.

The Toddler's take: Zoe loves the book and she has given the charecters different names... Dia becomes Zoe and others are named after her friends. That is how much she likes the book.

What it is about: It is about two BFFs Rhea and Dia, a new girl Isha comes in Dia's class and Dia spends most of her time with her new BFF. How Dia realizes that Rhea is her true friend. Though older girls kids might find 'going susu together with their BFF' an exaggeration. Zoe loves it.

How We Read it: Zoe doesn't let me read the book, she pretend reads and makes up her own story, which is on the similar lines

Age Group:  4 years+

Thanks Richa and Alicia for a treat, which both Z and me enjoy almost everyday.
Here is a sneak peek into the beautiful book here