Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bookalicious Tuesdays Amelia Bedelia Collection

Book: Amelia Bedelia Collection (we have 4 books in Z's library and 5 in our Reading Room, this post revolves around the books Z has)
Author:  Peggy Parish (for budding readers) and Herman Parish (for budding and independent readers)

Z and me love funny stories, and Amelia Bedelia is one of the funniest ones we have read. It is a book I read while growing up, and I passed the love for Amelia Bedelia to Zoe. The books are perfect for budding readers and besides being funny it builds your child's vocabulary as well.

**Some Wiki-Trivia "Amelia Bedelia is the protagonist and title character of a series of American children's books written by Peggy Parish until her death in 1988, and by her nephew Herman Parish beginning in 1995." I like both the versions, the later is are available also as chapter book for independent readers.

Books Z has
Peggy Parish's Version
Herman Parish's Budding Reader's Version

Herman Parish's Independent Reader's Version

In Z's Words: "I love Amelia Bedelia because she does all funny things, like she makes no baby food and she gives ketchup to babies." **referring to her latest read Amelia Bedelia and the Baby.

BZM Thumbs Up:
  • Love the fun quotient
  • The illustrations in both the versions are adorable
  • Stories are funny yet simple

BZM Thumbs Down:
  • Parents of boys might not pick this one because the protagonist is a female, I suggest please rent it and read it... you wouldn't regret it a bit.

Funny story which is totally repeatable, you will feel sorry for poor Amelia Bedelia and love her to bits. A perfect score

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bookalicious Tuesdays Before I was your Mother

Book: Before I Was Your Mother
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Illustrator: LeUyen Pham

Mothers Day is just around the corner, and I had to review this book. What better occasion than doing it for Mothers Day. The story revolves around Katie and her mum. For Katie, her mother is just her mom. Things change when Mamma takes Katie into her world, before she was a mother. The times when she bossed on her brothers, practiced ballet and wore boots to bed. Mamma talks about her best friend and her dog, also about how they put a circus up in their backyard.

I love the fact that the author has shown a mom can be much more than being a mum, she can be as normal as anyone else. She can do silly things, have dreams and aspirations.

In Z's Words: "I love when Mamma says, I was not always your mamma"

BZM Thumbs Up: 
  • The conversation between the mother and Katie is very similar to what happens between Z and me.
  • The text is simple, yet it is magical
  • I love the dash of humour throughout. 
  • Overall I love the narration and story.
BZM Thumbs Down:
  • None

An amazing story about the beautiful bond between a mom and child gets a perfect 10/10