Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015...the year the was.

I did start blogging actively in 2015, but unfortunately, I was not able to keep the momentum going. Overall this was a good year, though we as a family did have to go through two huge losses in the year. My dad-in-law and my grand mom expired, this meant, I had to explain the concept of death to Z. We were able to do pretty well on that front, she did get a little upset though.

Professionally, Alhamdullilah, I did pretty well. I did start a kid's reading library of my own, I realized a childhood dream. It is not easy to balance entrepreneurship and mommiehood, but it is not impossible, actually it is absolutely worth it.

Enough about me, since the name of this blog is Being Zoe's Mum, let us talk about the person whose always in spotlight, at least as far as BZM is concerned. Here are a couple of things which happened in 2015:
  • We graduated to chapter books, we still don't want to let go of our picture books (Mum hopes we never do that). Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Amelia Bedelia Chapter books are our favorite. 
  • We visited Mussoorie, such a beautiful beautiful place. 
  • We made lots of new friends.
  • We got a new hangout, the Reading Room (Oh! I love that place, I can sit there for hours)
  • We had our first dental operation, and everyone says I was super brave
  • We had our first birthday party
  • We turned 5 (yay!)

I hope 2016 turns out to be totally rocking, happy and super healthy for Z, Fizz & Me. Here's wishing the same for all of you.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Don't forget to relax with a cup of coffee/tea and a book

Tuesdays are our days of bonding, I don't work on Tuesdays and without daddy, both of us are left to ourselves... we love that. We go for movies, lunch dates, shopping and have a lot of fun. Last Tuesday, when I picked Z up, I asked her "So, what's the plan?" She thought for a couple of seconds and replied "Let's just relax at home Mumsy"... and relax we did.

We chatted, read, called for a pizza, listened to some music, build a lego house and just 'lounged' around the house. No agenda, no deadlines, no hurry nothing. When I read a book to Z at bedtime and I kissed her goodnight, she smiled and said "I loved doing lots of fun stuff with you today Mumsy." Those lines echoed in my ears even after Z was fast asleep. I realized how much I enjoyed doing nothing with my Little Miss. Actually we did a lot of things in those hours of doing nothing... we laughed, we danced, we shared, we read, we enjoyed those moments. That day, after a long time I realised the importance of doing nothing.

No one can deny the fact that parents have a huge role to play in shaping the personality of a child. You do a lot of things for the child to learn and understand the way of life, things, which will benefit them in the long run. I have a long list of stuff, I tell Z. We have so much to achieve as parents (and otherwise) that we forget the best things life has to offer.

An imporant life lesson I would like to pass on to Z is "Don't forget to relax with a cup of coffee/tea and a book..." Life is too short to constantly stay on the go. Go out there and achieve what you want to, but once in a while (every other day) do not forget to take out a few minutes to just sit doing absolutely and completely NOTHING.