Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots goin on my mind....

Welcome to the 11th week of pregnancy... Nausea has almost... almost disapeared (Fingers crossed) well right now it isnt as regular as it used to be.

I have started working out with my favorite Jane Fonda again...(After taking my physician's expert advice) and I feel much much better.

I have started browsing through list of names but right now there is a lot more besides that which is going on in my mind. My job for instance... hope things stabilize over this week... They should, else I'm gone. I hate sitting idle at home and just hate when people say "Enjoy your pregnancy... Pamper yourself". I mean how much can you "PAMPER YOURSELF"? That reminds me... I need to get my new haircut this weekend... (Mommie special...) Will upload a pic as soon as I get a chance to do that.

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