Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The big question… Whether or not?

Well here I’m talking about whether or not you should resume work after your maternity break. I’m of the view that once my baby comes into the world and I spend some quality time with my sweetheart, I would definitely want to join back work.

My immediate family thinks otherwise and keeps suggesting me to take at least a year’s off after I step into mother zone. My hubby on the other hand has left it on my hands and says he would support whatever decision I take. I seriously feel this support is more important for me than anyone else’s. Especially when it is about our baby.

Right now I am of the view that I would resume my work when my Chutka is around 3 months old. Frankly all this depends on how things progress and on the situation then. I don’t feel that I would neglect Chutka by going back to work.

I don’t know whether I would be doing the right thing or no, but this is what is right for me. It is a case of “to each his own” here. So decide in advance and don’t stress… be a happy mom. Here is to all the mommies who decide to go back to work.

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