Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Second Trimester - A Joy Ride

I have always been someone who took most of my illness and small pains very easily in life... (Touchwood) I decided to take control of my diet and continued regular exercise in my student years, so have never faced any major health problems (thanks God again, thanks for being an obese child :-). When I got to know I was pregnant all I wanted to do was enjoy my months, and live life like I have never done before. Frankly, after seeing my elder sis going through pregnancy I was a little skeptical about my pregnancy being all hunky dory...

Well the first trimester was tough... With all weakness, mood swings and above all nausea... It was really tough, but I did manage to pull off really well.

The second trimester arrived and things changed as a fairy would have cast some kind of a magical spell. I was glowing, the nausea lessened and then stopped, baby shopping was my priority on weekends (and I was loving it). I loved buying maternity wear and flaunting my bump... Received loads of compliments...

My baby has started twisting & turning, Rocking'n Rolling sometimes... and I am on cloud 9. Every kick, every turn and each sensation makes me feel great.

Now in my 27th week, I looking forward to the 3rd and final trimester to start... Hope I would handle it really well.

A special mention here to Fizz, I have started respecting and loving him even more now (though we have always been inseparable... :-) touch wood.) He has been my support system and is by my side whenever I want him to...

Here is to Parenthood, Cribs, Bibs, Feeds and a Great new healthy life coming into our lives... Here is to being Pregnant :-)

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