Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thanks Zoe

I have always been a believer in “Nights are meant for sleeping”, but since my baby Zoe has arrived into my life … things have changed. I don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night to feed her or to change her nappy. In fact at times it’s just being awake to avoid listening Zoe cry … and I happily do all this. I loved going out and enjoying myself but now my schedule revolves around my baby.
If it would have been for anyone else I would’ve cribbed and cribbed; but when it comes to Zoe I don’t feel the C of cribbing or the D of disappointment for that matter.
Like any other new mom, I was skeptical even to hold Zoe during the first few days but now I hug, kiss and caress her all the time now. Just looking at Faizan hold Zoe and play with her, brings tears in my eyes (which don’t come easily otherwise).
I’m loving the development of this strong bond and am looking forward for it to develop even more as time passes …
Love u Zoe and thanks for giving me a chance to get introduced to motherhood…

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