Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reality Check: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

I clearly remember having a huge discussion (read argument) with my elder sister on whether a woman should leave her job after having kids, to raise them of course... I was completely backing the stance of a full time working mom while my sister was pro SAHM (Stay at home moms).

Well, I guess I should’ve done a reality check before arguing... but it happens with me many a times, that I say things before thinking. Anyways, now with a baby and completely no one to help (except my husband of course, who has been a sweetheart and helps me way beyond what I imagined); I can’t think of working full time. I’m working as a freelancer and haven’t given up a career for good. Still people say things like:

“So you have finally given in and decided to become a homemaker?”

“Freelancer? When do you plan to take up a full time career?” 
People still feel that a woman can either be a good mom or a successful career woman... Well, I beg to disagree. as  

Being a mom is a full time job – yeah clich├ęd as it may sound, it is a fact
Freelancing is as good a career choice as being a full time career person
A successful career woman can be an equally successful mom, like a successful career dad...

Here I would say, to each her own. Whatever choice you make, make sure you decide way before the baby comes into your life; and once the decision is taken don’t regret it.

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