Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being a 14 month is fun!

The 13th month update did come a little late but I'm improving now. Z turned 14 months 3 days back, that's a great accomplishment. I've realized I've become a little lazy after Z turned a year old (in updating my blog that is). But my princess is turning into a naughty little devil (the sweetest devil I've known). So Z is becoming more and more active (touch-wood) and though she's quite a handful but is a whole lot fun.

Baaton Baaton mein- Z is becoming a little chatty chatty chatterbox. She is babbling like before, infact more than that if I may say so. Besides now she's started giving meanings to words. So Faizan is either Da or Da-Da. Whether she wants Fizz's attention, calls him, misses him... she goes Da-Da-Da. Whenever I say Faizan or Fizz, Z goes Da-Da before Faizan can even answer. You say light and Z goes 'Daaiit' pointing at the ceiling. Sheep is Ba-Ba for her when you say "Sheep says" and Z is ready with her Ba-Ba. And Bye still remains 'Ba-Bye' when ever someone opens our main door, Ms.Z goes Ba-Bye-Ba-Bye. :)

Z and me have developed a new form of conversation. I speak to her normally and she responds with her babbling. When she doesn't want anything she vigorously shakes her head like we adults say no. I ask Z "where's ur nosey?" she takes my finger (as if her fingers weren't enough) and puts it on her nose. Next up we're trying 'tum-tum'.

Z on the move seems to be her missions for months now. She still needs to muster the courage to walk without support, but Z loves exploring the place and loves to climb up and down mountains (the couch and the bed).

Music is her best friend:
Thank God I enrolled Z in Music class. Its helping her a lot. She gets to meet people her age, and my social butterfly loves to be the center of attraction. She does anything for that - moves all around the room, when kids are supposed to pick 1 or 2 music instruments, Z makes sure she has 3-4. She shouts on top of her voice in excitement. Loves playing with drum, shakers and the kiddy mike. She also loves bubbles. 

Even while watching T.V, she watches it only when a music channel is on. Else she's not bothered at all.You can Z see dancing on the slowest song ever made. Her current favorites are 'Humien hai Hero', 'Sunshine wali Asha', 'Auntyji' and the zero hour mashup.

Books keep her busy (for a little while):
Just like Mumsu and Abbi, Z Books. You gives her any book (kids books, Mamma's or Abbi's novels, magazines, even newspaper) and Z gets engrossed. We on our part make sure she has lots of em to read n explore.

And It goes in my mouth: Whenever you give her anything new it has to go in her mouth (so I've to be really careful here) her latest favorite is 'lehsun'. Her other favorites include: paper, pen, pencil, etc. The pediatrician said "She's just extremely inquisitive about things around her." Orite so I will give in to her inquisitiveness and let her explore... as if I have a choice.

Did I tell you Z's overtaken my Tab. Believe me there is nothing in my Tab for me. Its full of Z's favorite Rhymes, stories, colors, farm animals, body parts apps. She loves TomCat and wants to see different versions mostly. So I've to download Gina the Giraffe and a stupid dog as well.

Orite then. I really got to go. I've been ignoring Z for past 15 minutes or so and to get my attention she's hitting hard on the laptop screen and keyboard.


  1. Whoa...even Mishti's fav r these songs...esp that ummeedon wali dhoop- sunshine wali asha..gud that ur girl is liking books, Mishti eats them!!

  2. That's nice Nibedita.... Well, even Z use to chew her books, then I got her hard bound books. So now she flips pages, speaks to the animals/people made in the books. And I dare not disturb her while she reads em.


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