Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet 16... Really

So Z has turned 16 months now. 16 'months'... Wow. She has become a 'typical toddler' now. (God please give me energy to face the 'Terrible 2s, I still have 8 months to go). So Z has been doing a lot of good and not so good things. The past month has been more of 'developing the achieved skills at a fast pace' rather than 'developing new skills'

Finally she has shifted her focus from item numbers to kid's channels: Z still LOVES music, and she loves to do her jig when she's watching her favorite songs. Her favorite thing on TV though is not a music channel playing Chikni Chameli no more. She loves watching kid's channels (CBeeBies to be precise). She loves Teletubbies and Baby Jake. You should see her when its on, she speaks to the characters and laughs out loud.

Run Baby Run: Z started walking (u guys know) but now she has started running as well. She makes sure Mumsu gets the much needed 'workout' - thanks baby.

Finally a nice pediatrician for Z: I was literally in love with my Pead in Delhi.  When we shifted to Bangalore, I started consulting Dr. Vandana Rao. I was never very impressed with her. Then after a lot of discussion and advice, I chose Dr. Hanumantha Rao. He's good and spends time with Mumsu n Pa... Listening patiently to our queries.

Z becomes more expressive: From blowing generous flying kisses, to coming and hugging Pa/Ba when she wants to, to making our life brighter with her 1000 watt Smile. Z knows how to express with words and actions. She makes sure she tells us what she wants. If she wants water, she will bring her sipper to me. If she wants me to read out a book she'll get the book... And if she wants me to play with her Mickey she brings that to me. If I'm on my laptop and Z is playing, and all of a sudden she decides she wants my attention she closes the laptop.

Where has this fear crept from?: I have been very particular that I don't scare Z with things like 'boogieman' or 'big doggie'. Z has all of a sudden developed this fear of dark. When she gets up in the middle of her sleep she shrieks and cries uncontrollably. In-fact couple of days back she got up at night and shouted, by the time we reached the room... she had got off the bed and was standing near the door. She is also scared of the stupid Big Babol Fili Folly ad... the 'Kaisi insaan ho aap?' ad.

Off goes the bathing chair: Z now doesn't sit on her bathing chair to have a bath... she stands (like a big girl) now and takes a bath and Z loves it.

Toddler Tantrums: She shouts, shrieks, hits, and what not.... you make her do what she doesn't want and you see all her nautanki. You should have seen Z when we went for her monthly check-up, somehow she guessed she will get her shots and she shouted and cried for a good 40-45 minutes. 

I have made a 16 month video blog for Z and am uploading em here.

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