Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Pa's Day Sweetheart

Okay, so this is your second Father's Day, and Z is still small to wish you properly. I've said it a zillion times but, one last time I cross my heart and say... Fizz : You sure are the better parent for Z. I mean, I do all I can to get the kind of love she showers on her Pa. The moment she lays eyes on you Fattaak ... Mumsu disappears from her memory.

Here's wishing you a fab Father's Day Sweetheart. I just love seeing the bond you share with Z, and I'll not trade it for anything.

  • I love when I the middle of the night Z wakes up, climbs on your tummy n sleeps.
  • I love when Z calls you 'Pa... Ae Pa' in the most affectionate tone ever.
  • I love when you don't click anyone else's picture except Z's with your new camera.
  • I love it when you make Z promise to you, every single night (without fail) that she won't marry when she grows up and she won't go away (enjoy the moment Fizz)
  • I love the way you enjoy preparing Khichdi for Z.
  • I love seeing the both of you talk to each other.
  • I love seeing you get jealous when Z hugs me and doesn't pay notice you.
  • The moment you enter in the evening and your first and the biggest smile is reserved for Z, (this was mine before Z was born)... but I still love it.
  • The way you find out ways to take care of Z is commendable.
  • I love it when u tell me "I can't be strict with her yaar, you need to do that."
There are just so many things and I know this post won't do justice to what Z's Pa mean to her.
Happy Father's Day! Z is blessed to have a dad like you.

You started bonding with Z when she didn't even recognize U
And the bonding continued
Z's ur personal assistant :)
Eid isn't complete without Pa
Enjoying Goa Sun
This would've been your best birthday kiss I swear.


  1. Awwww....that's what came outta my mouth when i read the post..:-D

    ROFL on that night promise....these daddies i tell u ..all same.. :-D

    Lovely post ZM....nice father's day gift :-)

    1. :-) I 'awwww' whenever I see them together.

      And I love the promise too


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