Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review - Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

The book Z and I have been focusing on reading in the past week, is Goodnight Moon  by by Margaret Wise Brown, and illustrated by Clement Hurd.

Brief: Its been read to Children for more than 60 years now. Its a 'Bedtime Book'. Its like the little bunny tucked in his bed is saying 'GoodNight' to everyone. The text is rhyming and its more like a poetry.

Why I picked it: its because of the status this book has got as far as books for young kids are concerned.

My initial reaction: Frankly, it wasn't too good.
a) I thought would it be suitable for a young toddler, would she be able to relate to it.
b) The one I have isn't a hard cover, that's a big let down.

Z's initial reaction: She took her own sweet time to familiarize herself with the books. The illustrations caught her eye from the start.

My take on the book now: Its pretty much illustrations than text heavy and that is the best part of the book which young kids enjoy. Colorful visuals keep Z hooked to the book and if she's happy I'm super happy. A Hard bound book should've been better. They have a board book version but it wasn't available.

Z's take now: Z's 'buks' are her favorite possessions (touchwood).  Her books are with her like All the time and this ones no different.

How We Read it: its Z afternoon nap book and that's one of the treasured moments we share. I read it nice and slow in a low tone (unlike our other reading sessions) and point at things as I read along.

Age Group: 0-3 (that's what it claims) but I'd say 6 months to 2.5 years.

Pick it up from: I bought it from Crossword. You can check out on Flipkart

Video: unlike other stories we love the video version as well, Susan Sarandon's voice is an inspiration (for me :))... We love the vid. Thanks Padmini for introducing it to us.

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