Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review - 5 Books by Leslie Patricelli

Leslie Patricelli has found 2 new fans. Z n Me, I have fallen in love with her books... Which are simple yet they teach these toddlers a lot.

Brief: I have 5 Mini Board Books of Leslie's in Z's Library :-). Which include:
  • Quiet Loud
  • Yummy Yucky
  • Big Little
  • No No Yes Yes
  • Baby Happy Baby Sad

Why I picked it: These are light Hard Board books which Z or any younger baby can easily carry. Colorful, with lots of pictures and a few repetitive words.

My reaction: Big Little was the first book I picked and I loved the book. It had lots of pictures depicting 'Big' and little things. It was full of color, humor, words, picture and put the message across amazingly. I had to visit the Strand Book sale once again to purchase
the other four.

Z's take: Z loves them and How... She makes
faces when I say what's yucky and says 'Nyamm-Nyamm' when I point at something yummy. She looks at me with wide eyes when I read Big Little. She laughs 'ha-ha-ha' when I say Baby Happy in 'Baby Happy Baby Sad'. Says 'No-No-No' when I read 'Yes Yes No No' and loves listening to my whispers and loud noise in Quiet Loud.

I told you she Loves them.

How We Read it:  Full on action, I'm preparing Z to be my assistant at 'My Little Chatterbox' classes.

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Age Group: 1-2.5 Years

Pick it up from: Strand Book sale, check Flipkart there are plenty available.

P.S: Love Leslie Patricelli's website as well... Check it out

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