Sunday, August 26, 2012

Month 21... and the chatterbox's' comes to life

Well two Chatterboxes actually, one my new venture (which I hope people who know me know about) and the other is my very own real chatterbox Z.

Just 3 months left for Z's 2nd birthday... And man did this year fly or what. 

Before I go further ahead, I want to apologize to my readers and most importantly 'Z'. I have been calling her a Chatterbox for months now... Maybe because I named her keeping my example in mind. What happened this month was something I had never imagined. Z has started yapping, yapping and more yapping. To be fair to Z, I must tell you, she has her quite moments, but they are just 'moments'. Most of them are when she's sleeping. Moving on...

Z's morning start with Ba/Bi (short for Abbi) and most of the time she's the one who wakes us up. She is like this parrot who repeats at least 10 new words every day (Kalaa tikka for that). The other day my mum said 'Aaj Sooji ka halwa banate hain' and Z went on Sooji-Sooji-Sooji. The best part is she doesn't just repeat the word, but says it in the same tone as well.

I don't even attempt to keep a track of the new words she has started using. I just can't... 'Some' of the new words she's picked up and they've become a part of her ever increasing vocabulary are:
  • Shooos Socks
  • UpUpUpDhown
  • Bi (for her teddy, maybe because it resembles her dad :))
  • Aammo (for Ammoo)
  • Aaani (for Aanie) - My sister left today and the entire day Z kept going in the room she stayed in and kept chanting "Aanie-Aanie-Aanie"
  • Her dog said 'cook-cook' till yesterday now it says "woof-woof"
  • Ice Cream for her is 'Ice Ka-Ka-Ka'
  • Ice and Eyes are 'Ice' as well
  • Hand is 'Hatthoo' 
  • Please is 'Pleeees' 
  • When we play 'Wheels of the bus' and before the song start Z goes 'wound-wound - wound'.
  • 'Night Moon' is when she sees Goodnight moon
  • You also say 'Slowly,Slowly' when I pick up your book 'Slowly Slowly Slowly said the sloth'
  • When her Abbi tells her a 'Fizz made story' and whenever he say "and the princess name was?" Phat comes the reply 'pisessss'
  • She says 'Pee-Pee' only after she's done her job :)
  • Progress made on numbers happens on a daily basis Mash'Allah. Now she says "two-tee-for-sits-nine-ten". We just need to work on One, five, seven & eight.
Obviously even Fizz and me can't make out half things she says. Like today she kept on saying 'bardie' (which she usually refers to a bird) for a good 20-25 mins, and there was no bird around.

She is big time into role play, want to see her at her best? Leave her with a stuff toy or phone and see her talk on the phone or to the toy.

 Now she has become a Pro Stair climber and even comes down the stair with ease.

As I had mentioned earlier my mom, sister and nephew were here. Last time we met em, Z was going through major separation anxiety. I was scared, but Z proved me wrong this time. She played/spoke/spent time with all 3 of them, especially her 'Bhaijaan'.

Z's acrobatics don't scare me much now, cause I know what all she is capable of doing. She definitely scared Aanie and Ammoo a lot. This month she has also showed me some stunts that make me go breathless for a few seconds, please have mercy.

Now a little on you and Bhaijaan. You have turned out to be quiet a bully, and many a times you have made your elder Bhaijaan cry... but you do that because you love him lots and want to hug/kiss him all the time.

All in all this month was fun and a lot of new Development. Signing off and leaving you with some ZeeZo fun.

Z 'Dada' and good boy Zefan

Especially for the camera

We are bored... are we?

Kissing Z... lots of love around...
Deadly brother sister duo


  1. Hey Falak, congrats on your new venture. Looks like you and your little chatterbox are set to take some big strides. :) Best of Luck!!


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