Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review - Big Red Barn By Margaret Wise Brown

Name - Big Red Barn By Margaret Wise Brown

By the big red barn
In the great green field,
There was a pink pig
Who was learning to squeal.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: By now, if you are following my blog that is... you must be aware that for Z, I love books with lots of pictures and animals. Margaret Wise Brown spins magic when it comes to books for young children. The illustrator Felicia Bond does justice to Brown's easy, rhythmic text... which takes your child through a day at a farm, where lots of animals are playing peacefully before they go to sleep. I just love the book which takes Z through a barnyard which is full of her favorite animals... sheep, horses, rooster, cows, horses, pigs... all big and small.

Z's take now: You give Z anything with lots of pictures and animals, she will fall in love with it. She not only learned new animals like pigeon (she knew birdie... but not pigeon specifically), donkey, etc. She also knows big and little now... courtesy the book where there is a big horse and a little horse, a big pile of hay and a little pile of hay. 

How We Read it: I open the book and wait for Z to point on the animal to take it's name (or sound) and then I read the book with loads and loads of expressions and a lot of voice modulation. 

Age Group: 2+ - 5 years

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