Saturday, December 22, 2012

And She Did It!!!

The dreaded moment which I've been waiting for ... No, I never wanted it to happen... But I was told this moment is a part of your toddler turning 2. I couldn't have denied it, I did prepare myself for it and I did the right thing... I'm proud of my 'mommie self'... I deserve a pat on my back.

She has scratched me, pulled my hair and hit me... but at that time she was too young.

So the Toddler and me were sitting after a long day of shopping... Both of us were tired. My foot had twisted and I was in pain (no it wasn't a lot of pain, guess I was exhausted). I sat on the couch and started reading a book (all moms must be aware when a mom reads, one of her eye is on the book and the other on the child... Especially when you have an infant/toddler). The Toddler was up to some mischief, she was standing on her chair and constantly climbing the TV cabinet. It could have been too dangerous, I don't stop her from her mischief other wise, but here I knew I had to stop her. She didn't listen to me after telling her 4-5 times, my tone got stern every time. When she did not give up, I got up and hit her on her bum... I hit with a very light hand (I don't believe in hitting her, and I do it just to get her listen and grab her attention with a very very light hand). I guess she got startled and her face grew red with anger. I held her in my lap, but she looked at me with anger and hit me on my face. Now she did this on purpose, I could say from the look in her eyes. I did get angry, but thankfully didn't lose my cool.  I held my ears and said sorry, since I know it was my fault, I spanked and startled her. I don't believe in saying sorry if I'm not at fault, and will always apologize if I'm at fault. I try to make sure The Toddler also does that. Once I apologized she made a puppy face, tears rolled down her eyes, and she hugged me with a 'Mommie'.

Today, my Toddler taught me a big lesson. Say sorry if you're wrong, and things will be right.

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