Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Facebook Update!

  • Nidaa loved the dress u sent for Zoe's birthday sweetheart. If Zoe would have been able to give words to her feelings ... she would have said "Noo-Noo, that is the best dress I have received. And I love the matching shoes. Noo-Noo can you please become my personal stylist... My Fashionista Khaala"
  • 2 times naughty,
    2 times adorable,
    2 times talkative,
    2 times lovable.
    And my munchkin turns 2 - welcome 'Terrific 2s'
    Happy Birthday Zoe... 2nd birthday means 2 times happiness. Stay blessed cupcake, and I promise you will have a blast Inshaa Allah!
  • Zoe's 1st RoadTrip and she behaved like a sweetheart. Her mischief and yapping were constant, but she didn't trouble anyone. My big girl.

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