Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project 52 Week 4: Me... Myself,,, and I!

When I heard the topic of the Marathon Bloggers this week was about 'Me Time'... I was smiling from ear to ear. I'm a strong believer in taking time out for myself. People keep on telling me, "You have a toddler, you handle her single handedly, you work from home and still take out time for yourself... you must be kidding." Not really, I mean I do this and much more and I humbly accept it :-P, but I never compromise in taking out time for myself.

Next question which comes with a bang is "How do you do that?" and I say "its an art and you cannot learn it". Frankly, you just need to prioritize, plan, delegate for anything to work and that is what I do to take some time out. I don't manage to do it my way, but I do manage. 

I do try to make sure, Me Time means not only time with myself, doing something I like doing... it also means I have to be transported in a world which is free from worries and rush of any kind.

My 'Me Time' is very simple and totally fuss free, reading a nice book, watching a nice movie alone, working out, taking a nap at an odd hour, working on my blogs, going for a long walk when the weather is awesome (I get a lot of opportunities, thank God for Bangalore Weather). Traveling alone used to be so good before The Toddler was born... Even having a nice strong coffee sitting in my balcony or gardening helps me connect with myself. I believe in simple things and maybe that is the reason why I manage to take out time for myself.

If it would not have been for Fizzy, it would have been tough for me to take out time for myself.

Does everyone do similar things? What is the importance of your 'me time' to you?


  1. Oh I love the post. Simple and straight forward :D

  2. My thoughts on this are very similar Falak :).. it has to be an oasis of sorts to qualify as ME time. Post in the making and coming up soon.

  3. Its interesting that you don't compromise on me-time after a kid. It took me a 4 years of mommyhood and a second baby to actually figure out how important me-time is. And I manage now :) The key is to manage, as you say, and not fuss over managing it "my" way!


    1. Meera guess I'm lucky that my husband is extremely hands on when it comes to handling Zoe or helping me with the chores at home. So I do get (read take out) the time fortunately.

  4. Even I m smiling ear-to-ear and I so want to write about it. Post coming up soon :)

  5. Perfectly said .. Its about connecting to yourself and enjoying the time your way :)

  6. simple & Sweet :)
    Liked this !

    ( I guess blogger ate my previous comment )

  7. Nice cuppa coffee in Bangalore weather is bliss, really!


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