Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Facebook Update!

  • Thanks Noo-Kha love them  
Pic Quality is not so good... shoes are AWESOME

  • Conversation with Zoe:
    Me: Baby... what is your name?
    Zoe: *** Thinks for couple of seconds... Light
    Me: No... What is UR name?
    Zoe: Fizzy
    Me: No Fizzy is Dadda's name what is ur name?
    Zoe: With a big Smile "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
    We go on.. and the answers I get are... Mommie, TubbyTubby, Night Garden, Daisy Doo, Igle Pigle, Dirty Knees, Hand Wash, Namman Ojjha... the list goes on.

    Basically she says everything but her name with a mischievous smile... till the time I hide my face and I hear... Z-O-E - Zoe...
    ♥ U baby
  • Thinking of how to utilize my Free Days with Zoe... Should I enroll her for a music class or an art class... Suggestions...
  • The Toddler waiting for her food... Garuda Mall Food Court 

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