Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Day to remember...

12th February this day has always been special in my life. Today, I complete 6 years of being engaged to Fizz, yes it is our engagement anniversary (if there is something like that). I seriously cannot imagine anyone but Fizz as my life partner. He is my best friend, and that is all I wanted my husband to be over and above anything else. With the toddler our family Mash'Allah is complete.

This is a huge reason to remember this day, but there is a bigger reason. It is AJ's birthday, my AJ was the best dad I could have asked for. On his birthday I miss him a lot, I miss being with him today more than any other day. So, this is a special post for A.J. He might not be besides me, but I know he is always with me. 

"You were the coolest dad one could have asked for, I can say that without any doubt. You were someone who believed in us and always stood besides us no matter what. I miss you so much on this day and I feel so so so blessed to have a dad like you."

Here is a link of the song, that makes me think of A.J. 

Love you A.J! Miss you...


  1. **Hugs**..thatz what I can say. And happy engagement anni :). Well, since you triggered the topic of 12th Feb, I want to add that it was 12th Feb 2010 when I saw those 2 pink lines which changed our life forever for good :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts... wonderfully put...

  3. Hey I got engaged a day before 11th Feb :D Congrats and many happy returns of the day!

  4. Such a lovely and touching read, and so many memories associated with the month for you. Hope you're having a wonderful month in all ways :).


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