Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Best Dad!

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Happy Birthday Best Dad!
Today is the husband’s birthday. He hates being reminded that it is his big day, because he hates getting old. I, on the other hand, leave no stone un-turned to make sure I make a big deal about it (as you can see). Today, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of the best dad I’ve known.
He’s that kind of dad, with whom you can leave the child alone and you can be confident that everything would be just fine. Not just that, Zoe is happier when she’s left with her daddy dearest. Zoe loves spending time with her dad and she loves doing all sorts of fun things with him. Just seeing both of them together makes me feel so happy and blessed. So, here is something I want to say to the husband on his special day.

Dear Husband,
You’ve been a great dad and continue to do so… and the best part is you know you’re good. I thought my dad was the coolest in the world. That was till the time you became one and now you’re a close second.
I love seeing the both of you together… and here are just a couple of things which you and Zoe do together, and I just love seeing you bond:
  • Usually I’m the one who reads to her, and considering the fact that I’m a story-teller I do my best job when Zoe’s around. Still I think when it comes to Zoe you’re the best storyteller. You make it a point to read to her at least once a day, and I love the way Zoe gets totally engrossed in your tales. I love the way you make up tales, like you tell her your version of The Frog Prince – where our daughter is the princess and in the end she refuses to leave her dad and go with her Prince.·         
  • The way you never miss giving her morning Splash-Splash bath. You might be getting really late for work but till you take Zoe for a bath you don’t get ready. That brings me to point the next point…
  • You’ve completely messed up your office hours. You leave late in the morning, as you get a few hours with Zoe before heading for work. And you reach home late at night. You literally make sure you spend quality time with your daughter. And when you’re around I can blindly ignore both of you and do my work.
  • Weekends are meant for Her Z-ness, and I love the way you take her to the park and play with her. You encourage her to do all sort of acrobats and she loves when you clap after she’s through
  • Though you don’t know how to sing at all… You don’t shy away from singing Barney Songs and Nursery Rhymes with her. She ends up correcting you ALWAYS. Actually right now as I type, you’re saying ‘Humpty Dumpty’(No I can’t call it singing :P )
  • Whenever we’re out shopping you tell me “No more clothes for Zoe today”… Still you’re the first one to go and buy something new for her. 
  • You have all the time to make Zoe a special treat. Though she’s a picky eater, she never says no to something you’ve made
  • I hate it when two of you go out to a cafe to grab a bite, leaving me at home ALONE.
  • Your shoulders are always there to give Zoe a ride, no matter how tiring the day at work was.
  • The moment you ring the bell in the evening, Zoe runs to the door calling your name. As soon as you enter, it’s just the both of you… I don’t exist.
I can go on and on… but these are just a few moments that make me feel blessed every single day of my life.

Happy Birthday Hon! You’re the best dad and the best husband. :)

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