Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Cousin Diaries

I have been pretty close to a few cousins (specially the ones from mom's side). We had my mum, elder sister and nephew visit us in June. I loved the way Z-Zo (Zefan and Zoe) bonded. They played together, listened to stories, held hands when walking on the road and it was beautiful to see the both of them together. Of course there were times when they fought like cats and dogs, snapped back at each other and did not share any of their toys/books.

Zefan was this elder brother who took care of Zoe (when he was in a good mood that is :)) and that was one of the sweetest thing to see around the house in the past couple of days. It was also easy to take care of both of them together when they were in a playful mood, the situation worsened when they were at loggerheads :-P. Zoe  sure misses her Zeffy Bhai  when they are all gone.

Here are some of their pictures together, bless em...

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