Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toddler’s School Tales

So the Toddler started school more than a month back and I’m glad to say that she has completely adjusted to the new environment. She has not only adjusted but she loves going to her ‘Sikshuks Monnesseri’ yes… that’s what she calls Siksha Montessori. She wants to go to school even on weekends.

I was talking to the principal the other day and she told me “Zoe is comfortable and has adjusted to the environment very well. She is actually Vanya Aunty’s (her teacher’s) pet.” Well, I don’t know how much of a pet she is, but she loves Vanya Ma’am and Neetha Ma’am. All she keeps saying the entire day is their names… others from school she remembers is her Akka. She has made 2 new friends Ishika and Jainish, the entire day she keeps going on “Ishika was crying, I said Ishika Don’t cry” and something or other about Jainish.

Her vocabulary is becoming better and we see a change for good almost everyday (touchwood). She keeps on surprising us every single day. Today she got her 1st note from school which says she needs to get grated cheese to school tomorrow as they are making pasta at school. :)

That’s it for the day, I have to make Ms. Z go to sleep.

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