Monday, November 25, 2013

Cheers To Z3

Hey Beautiful!

I love to see you grow everyday Ma Sha Allah. And you have really become a little girl over the past year... You have become taller, leaner (skinny actually), that day Fizz was saying 'My little girl has really grown up' and that is when he sees you every single day. So, now you understand what I mean when I say you have grown up. Even I feel the same. I truly do... specially when I see your dresses & jeans become shorter. I have to buy new clothes every now and then.

Every single morning you wake momma up with your brightest smile. And I can do anything for that smile of yours. It is the brightest and the most mischievous smile I have ever seen in my life.  

You learn so much everyday. I expected that by the end of the 3rd year you would know the names of all your favorite books... you know the names of almost all the books you have and you pretend read the book as well. You tell me the same story in your own words. You can count from 1-29 and then you start 20-10, 20-11, 20-12 :-P. You know the days of the week, which I was shocked to know when I heard you recite the other day. You know almost all the major colours (almost 10-12 of them) and you correct Fizz as well. Your phone phobia has disappeared and you can talk on the phone with ease. Be it for pretend play or actual talking on the phone. I don't think I can match up with the speed you solve your puzzles and blocks.

If I recall the day you entered our lives 3 years back, I couldn't have guessed you will become so big so soon Ma'sha'Allah. You were so small, so tiny and so delicate. You know what... when I held you in my arms for the 1st time... I cried as I wasn't sure I would be able to take care of such a delicate and such a precious little thing.... I guess we did just fine. When I see your little feet touch the floor as you rest on the chair I feel my little baby... who I easily held in two palms of mine when she was born has become a big girl.
One thing that I expected is that you will turn out to be a chatterbox... which you have become in the true sense of the word. When I heard you say Mamma for the first time I was in tears... but now you say ... Momo please read me this book... or please come with me to the bathroom... or Momo will you take me to nusic class *music class. You learn so many new words everyday and you create complete sentences, 3 cheers for that! You not only speak clearly most of the time... you also make up your own stories, which I love listening to. You can be the sweetest (at least sound sweetest) when you request "Fizzy/Mamma can you do this Pleeeeeease". My heart melts right there and then.

Everyone knows about your love for books, besides books you also love playing drums and cars. Pretend play and painting is something you don't mind doing. What I love is the fact you do not need company while playing and you can keep yourself busy and engaged.

You have adjusted well in school, and I know you are one of the naughtiest one in school. You have to carry your own school bag, even though it is a little heavy for you. You love your school which was one of the biggest milestones. When you talk about your friends (Ishika, Jainish, Jaivish & Aka-kanksha) I just love listening to you. You also found someone you love spending time with and she loves your company too... yeah I'm talking about Laasya. I guess we need to spend more time together... what say Shweta? And your new - found buddy Hrishikesh, I do not know how much H remembers you, but you keep talking about Hrishikesh. Three of you created a ruckus on the playdate but you enjoyed each other's company none the less.

Another milestone which we achieved this year was your potty training. Not training actually. I just told you one fine day, and you were ready. Night training is still left but we will reach there once my baby is ready.  

There are things which you do, which prove that you are still little. Like your tantrums... my God! Who said Terrible Twos were bad, I think its Troublesome threes now. You are short tempered and all kids your age are... but it is nothing to be proud of and I hate it when you show your temper off. Having said that... I must confess you are extremely loving as well. If you love someone you make sure people know that. When you see mamma or Fizz upset or angry you start with your "Make Happy Face... Sad Face, Surprise Face, Shocked Face, Crying Face... Big Happy Face." I love playing this game with you as you beat both Fizz and me to it. You are the undisputed Drama Queen. I thought I was the biggest drama queen ever... till I met you... and you are the best! I bow down to thee. Your expressions (specially the surprise, curious and sad face you make)... things you say and do to get attention are HILARIOUS.

Something really bad happened this year... which could have been avoided... I think Mamma was careless. Because of me you were in the hospital for 1.5 days and believe me those were the worst days of my life. I was so helpless Z, I'm sorry! Mamma loves you alot Buba... remember that!

Guess How Much Love You!

Momo/Mamma/Momma (it's high time you decide)


  1. Happy birthday to Zoe. Much love from me and Shreya. Waiting to hear about your bday trip and ofcourse cuteness-overload-wala pics :)


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