Monday, December 9, 2013

Z Speaks (adventures actually)

  • Zoe said something (very seriously) and I started laughing.... since I found it funny... Z gives me a dirty look and says "Its Not Funny" ....
  • Our Mornings have to start with a tantrum. The good part is that is the only meltdown she has in a day (Thank God for that). The bad part is... she could have been chosen a better time. Breaking News - Faizan got mad at her... which is HUGE... its another Story that it was a loud 'Zoe Stop It!' followed by an apology. 
  • Look Who is in celebration mode with gifts pouring in. Thanks Aanie, couldn't be happier...In the picture - Zoe + Tabby McTat + Zog (reviews up soon)

This is what happens when the husbands gets his muse (unfortunately it is no longer me)


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