Thursday, February 13, 2014

Montessori Activity - Spooning Grains

I'm so obsessed with the Montessori activities, that now I do one activity every day and now I have decided to cover it in the blog on a daily basis. Spooning grains is one of the simplest practical life activities. It not only develops the spooning skills, it helps in coordination of movement. Concentration improves as well.


- A Tray (the one here in the picture doesn't has a tray but now I have realised using a tray is better)
- 2 Identical Bowls
- 1 Spoon (preferably an oval teaspoon)
- Grain (I used Toor/Arhar Dal)

Gripping the Spoon:
Hold the spoon from the middle, lift it completely from the tray. Wrap 3 fingers around the spoon handle and grip it firmly. Lifting the spoon in the middle of the bowl is the right way to do it.

Here is a video for the activity

Z was busy for 10 minutes and she didn't give up till all the grains were transferred.


  1. Hi Falak...Awesome activity...I read it y'day and tried with my kid today....he just loved it!! He was busy doing it for almost an hour...once he was done with this activity, he got busy with the other day to day activities....and you know what, he came to me again after 3-4 hrs and asked if he can play more spooning grains :)
    Thanks for sharing this....also if you could share with me links to more of such activities that will be great! I loved ur idea of one montessory activity per day....

    1. Thanks Kirti,
      Glad your son liked it.
      I would be sharing more such activities soon. Just been a little tied up on work front.


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