Sunday, February 16, 2014

Observing Z at School!

We as parents have made a lot of mistakes in the 3 years of bringing Z up, and we have done some good things as well. While we learned from our mistakes and try to move on... the good things do make us feel amazing. One of the best thing that happened to us was choosing Z's school, Siksha is like that school Fizz and me had planned for Z, and we are happy we chose the school. 

We recently had an observation at school, which happens twice a year (that is what I've heard). We observe Z work in that environment and then have a small chit-chat with the teacher. Z had completed 6 months in Siksha and it was the first time she saw 'her Fizzy' in her class. So all she wanted to do was sit in Fizz's lap and not do anything. Seeing how patiently her teacher Ms. Vinaya made her come and sit on the mat was beautiful. Besides R, an M3 student made sure Z was comfortable and showed her proud parents what she was capable of doing. 

Loved seeing her work on the movable sounds (she knows all the sounds), using the 2nd box of colour tablets. It was so amazing to see her fold her mat with precision. 

Her teacher told us about her language skills which are great (Masha'Allah). We were told she loves stories, music and artwork.

The moment of the day was seeing her assemble the world map puzzle. At 3 did we know the names and locations of all the 7 continents? Well, Z does. 

Its magical to see Z work in this environment and growing (literally). We feel blessed ...

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