Friday, March 14, 2014

Montessori Activity - Cutting Paper

Cutting is a crucial practical life activity but it is also very dangerous. When I went to Siksha before Z's admission for their open day, to take a tour of the school and activities... I was impressed as well as a little taken aback when I saw the Cutting Paper activities. 

Z loves cutting paper and when she does cut a strip you can hear her shout "See... WoooHooooo'

Scissors (In school they use normal scissors, I used child-friendly ones... and now Z tells me 'Siksha Scissors are better'
Mat (I skipped that Z wanted to keep the tray on her lap)

I placed the scissors and paper on the tray, as Z instructed. I told her to hold her scissors properly and she told me, 'Yes, two fingers in big hole'. She cut the paper into small strips (sharp end pointed up) and then cleaned up when she was done.

This video helps you understand the activity better.

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