Thursday, April 10, 2014

J for Julia Donaldson - #atozchallenge

Yes… we have said it a million times and we will say it again. JULIA DONALDSON IS OUR FAMILY FAVORITE. So not only Z, but even Fizz and me just adore her. The 1st Donaldson we read was The Gruffalo and we keep on buying new Donaldson books again and again and again. We cannot get enough of her. And its good that Z has a favorite author pretty early in life. She comes to know it is a Julia Donaldson book... especially the ones illustrated by Axel Scheffler... they are indeed a match made in heaven :)


  1. We're off to see the Gruffalo at our local forest tomorrow!

    Visitng from A-Z Challenge

  2. Oh no! How did I miss this set of books?! I will head to the library this weekend. *another a to z blogger

  3. The child didnt take to Donaldson as much as I wanted her too :( She favors others more than this author. But she is wonderful with her words.

  4. This is another gorgeous set!


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