Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kukku from Junior Kumbhakarna #atozchallenge

Z was introduced to Indian publications pretty late, at 2.5 years, it was just because I didn't read many books published in India as a child, back then there were hardly any good kid's books published in India barring a few.

Book: Junior Kumbhakarna
Author: Arundhati Venkatesh

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: I usually pick up a lot of Tulika books now, I love them. Having met Arundhati Venkatesh earlier I wanted to pick this up (and thank good I did). I loved the brief at the back of the book (if you talk about sleep and laddus, I won't be able to resist anything). So I had more than just one reason to pick Junior Kumbhakarna.

The Toddler's take: Z's eyes lit when she saw the book, usually Fizz makes Z go to bed and she could relate with the story from the first page. When she realized Kukku wants to hear the same story again, her first reaction was - Mum, like Gruffalo. Z and me laugh through the book when we read it. And now its become a part of Z's 'Read it once again' list.

What it is about: Kukku wants to listen to Kumbhakarna story 'yet again' and his dad narrates just that. A story about Kumbhakarna and his slumber, no one can way him up. Kukku, like Kumbhakarna falls asleep and dreams about Kumbhakarna.

How We Read it: We read through the pages and discuss what has been shown on the pages (she loves the beautiful illustrations by Shreya Sen).

I do not read a lot of mythologies to Z, but this one is an exception.

Thanks Arundhati and Shreya for Junior Kumbhakarna

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