Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zog by Julia Donaldson - #atozchallenge

I need to begin and end any good thing (related to kid's books) with Julia Donaldson. Z LOVES Zog, and it is a part of Z's top 3 Julia Donaldson books. You can read the review of the book here

Z loves Donaldson, dragons and school... hence Z is completely obsessed with the book. She reads the book every single day and within a week she has memorized the book already. She reads the book on her own throughout the day. My (our) favorite line in the book is "Don’t rescue me, I won’t go back to being a princess, And prancing round the palace in a silly frilly dress"


  1. we love Zog too - I like princesses like that! I like a book called The Kite Princess about Cinnamon Stitch who would rather cartwheel through puddles than learn deportment ;-)

    Congrats on completing the A-Z Challenge, from a fellow survivor!

  2. Wow that sounds awesome... rushing over to check. Congrats to you too


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