Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 2 - Your love for books and some more...

Everyone who knows us (through BZM or otherwise) know we are a family of book lovers. Some people have often said ‘Arre usko kuch aur bhi de diya karo’ (Oh! You should give her other things as well). The thing is, Z does have access to lots of age appropriate toys, we go out to play as well, but she comes back to her books … Always. She needs her books, and now that she has started blending, she loves them even more. I guess because she loves reading, she picked up reading earlier in life.

Now even if there are no pictures in the books, she listens to it as we read. I have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Anne of Green Gables to her already.

Message for Day 2: Z, books are your friends for life, some people might think otherwise, but only a book-lover knows what I’m talking about.

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