Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 4 Mamma and Fizz's chum

The phase where you were just your daddy’s little girl is over. Now you are equally close to mom and dad, as you like to say, ‘You are Mamma and Fizzy’s chum’. When you are with mom, you want to stay with me and when you are with dad its only dad and you. You always tell me ‘In morning, I’m Fizzy’s chum and at night I’m Mamma’s chum.’ How convenient is that? 

You are divided your time perfectly between the two of us, when it comes to reading, library, homework, writing, you come to Mamma. You go to Fizz when you want to play games, solve puzzles and colour. Cycling is something you can do with either one of us.

Message for Day 4: We would always want you to be as open to mum and dad as you are today. 

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