Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Bookalicious Tuesday : Alphabet Dressup ABC

Book:  Alphabet Dressup ABC
Author: Nalini Sorensen
Illustrations: Shraddha Pimputkar
For ages: 3-5 years

Why we picked it and what was our reaction: I usually do not pick any Indian publications, just because Z and me haven't taken much liking for them as yet. Books by Fun OK Please are an exception though. I loved the illustrations and concept, hence I picked the book up immediately. The fact that Z is a huge fan of dressing up herself also helped. She doesn't need a costume, she fetches something from around the house and uses her imagination. That is exactly what the book promotes and we love it.

BZM Take: The first thing that we noticed were the super cute illustrations by  Shraddha Pimputkar. This book is super creative and so much fun. 

Being a phonetic trainer, I don't pick many books which use alphabets, because they do not give importance to sound... I can't just tell Z, X is for xylophone for example, just yet. This books is phonetically correct as well. We love the fact that the illustrations in the book are pretty gender neutral. This was a huge plus for me as a mum. 

You can play as you read, one needs to find hidden sounds on each page. There is another game in the end, which adds up to the fun.

The book is associated with The Cuddles Foundation, which works with children whose life has been affected by cancer.

BZM gives Alphabet Dressup ABC an 8/10

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