Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bookalicious Tuesdays The Magic Paintbrush

Book: The Magic Paintbrush
Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Joel Stewart

This story talks about a little girl Shen and her magic paintbrush. Things Shen paints with the brush comes to life. We at BZM love books with strong female characters, and Shen is one such character. She's true to herself, smart, loyal and intelligent.

We love how the story is rhyming. The illustrations, though different from any Donaldson book, are super cute. 

In Z's words: "I love how Shen draws things with her paintbrush,  and they become real".

BZM Thumbs Up:
  • Love the story, simple words and a very beautiful tale.
  • Illustrations are beautiful
  • We love Shen

BZM Thumbs Down:
  • None. 

A perfect score for a beautiful tale 10/10 BZMs

You can purchase your copy here:

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