Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bookalicious Tuesdays: Rainbow Fish

Name: Rainbow Fish
Author: Marcus Pfister

Z, like most kids her age, can be a bit selfish at times. She went into this "my space, my books, my toys, my parents" zone sometime back. I immediately thought of the Rainbow Fish. A beautiful book by Marcus Pfister, a beautiful story about a sparkly, multicolored fish, which is a little selfish. He loves his sparkly scales and doesn't want to share them with anyone. Till a wise octopus shows him the right path.

Will the Rainbow Fish mend his ways and make some friends?

In Z's words: I like it because the blue fish has so many special shiny scales, they are glittering. I also like it because I like sharing, just like rainbow fish… (this second sentence is not entirely true). The book was listed in the must read list Z shared recently.

BZM Thumbs up:
  • The story(simple, beautiful)
  • Illustrations
  • Any child will connect with the Rainbow Fish
  • Adults will love the story too

BZM Thumbs down:
  • None
BZM gives Rainbow Fish a perfect 10

See this amazing read aloud here:


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