Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review: Thank You, Mr. Falker

I'm a huge fan of Patricia Polacco, and Z is slowly catching up. Thank You, Mr. Falker, is the first book by Polacco she has read. 

The book is about a little girl Trisha, her family, especially her grand dad is really excited about the fact that Trisha will soon start reading, as she is about to enter big school. Trisha loves books, and she wants to read, but how much ever she tries, she is unable to read. 

Trisha and her granddad

In the middle of all this, her grandparents die and she moves cities (and schools) with her mom and brother. In the new school, her problems increase, her classmates call her dumb.
Enter Mr. Falker and he not only helps Trisha learn to read, he changes her life as well. He gave her life a direction.

What Z and I loved about the book, besides the beautiful story, was the fact that Trisha's story is the real life story of Patricia Polacco, yes; and the difficulties she faced in school. I also loved the way how the word 'dyslexia'* is not used once in the book and without being too preachy she put forth her story in such a beautiful manner.

Trisha and Mr. Falker

This story brings tears to my eyes whenever I read it, and when I read it to Z, she said nothing, she just hugged me.

This book unfolds a beautiful story, a page at a time. I struggled while reading as a child and that is the reason, today I teach kids to read and to love books. I understand Trisha's frustrations and how she feels helpless. My problems were nothing in front of this girl.

This book has to be a part of every children library and every classroom. Teachers have to read it out loud to the class and believe me, you will be surprised at the way children will react.

As a treat, you can see this beautiful narration of my favorite story:

*Polacco struggled a lot in school because of an un-diagnosed dyslexia, You can watch this video about her struggles here. Her life changed at the age of 14 years when she met the real Mr. Falker.

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