Friday, January 6, 2017

Why I chose an Elementary Montessori for Z?

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Z, who is now a confident 6 year old, introduced me to the world of Montessori education. She joined this amazing House of Children in June 2013, and she literally blossomed into someone who is curious, confident, independent and aware (for her age); into someone who likes learning.  She doesn’t need to be entertained; she loves her company as much as of her friends and family. 
Now, that she will be completing almost 4 years in her current school, it is time to bid adieu to one of the most amazing schools (not just Montessori). Siksha Montessori (her current school), unfortunately, doesn’t offer Elementary Montessori.

Last September, Z got admitted in a very good school and we had decided to go ahead with the same. It seemed like the perfect choice for us, many of the kids who come to MLCB go to this school and I received a positive feedback. Besides, it was walking distance from our home and my work place.

When she went to give the entrance test and interaction, she did fare well; but seemed a little lost. We decided, it is a new environment and she will adjust easily. She was also looking forward to join this new big school.  

One thing that was bothering us was that she was already reading chapter books, doing multiplication, carry forward and borrowing, she knows about most parts of speech, she has also read so much about the world around us, space, environment, animals etc. Wouldn’t she get bored in a regular school environment? Yet, we were happy with our decision.

Then out of nowhere, we got a pamphlet about an Open House in an Elementary Montessori. Now, we did receive a couple of information pamphlets about Elementary Montessori schools, and since we had decided to go ahead with the big school, we weren’t paying heed to any information brochures. This one stood out, and since, the open house was on a Saturday, we decided, my husband and Z would visit the school, just to look around (my Saturdays are busy, hence I couldn’t). When they came back, both of them had liked the environment a lot. We decided to fill the application, just like that and we did. When after a month we went for an interaction, we learned about the approach and the school, we really liked it.

What stood out for us was how our little girl blended in with the environment. Usually, when she enters a new environment, she takes her own sweet time to open up, but here, she was, talking to adults, roaming around in the environment, and just happy to be there. She owned the place. That was an eye opener for us, we knew, we should choose a place where she is happy, and if she is happy, we will be happy.

That was the day; we finalized our decision and enrolled her. For us, it was like making a decision between two good choices, yet, we didn’t have to think twice about our final decision.

Z will join her elementary school in end of May Insha’Allah, and we can’t wait. She is sad (make it very sad) about leaving Siksha, but she is happy to join her new school.

I have no doubt that Z would have been ‘just fine’ in the other school, but is that ‘just fine’ enough?

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