Friday, March 24, 2017

Leaving with a bagful of memories

I see so many parents now-a-days who just question the 'standards' of schools. And then there are schools like Siksha - a little place in one of the quiet green roads of BTM, Bangalore; this place was a blessing for my child and many such children.

What started on the 5th of June 2013 with Z joining Siksha Montessori, finally ends today with my daughter graduating. And what an incredible journey it has been.

It's been a beautiful ride and we (Faizan and me) couldn't have asked for more. Siksha soon became a very important part of Z's life. She spoke non-stop about her school and how every experience was enjoyable and enriching, the amazing day she had, the discussions, celebrations, mishaps, presentations et. al.

Once she settled down in Siksha, I have never heard her say "Mumsy I don't want to go to school". When she attended her extended sessions for a few months, where her school hours increased, she was equally excited. She learned so much, but more than anything, she enjoyed the process.
You were the first environment Z encountered outside her home, and you've given her much more than we, as her parents could've asked for. Siksha was more than just a school for us... it was a place she made her second home, a place she felt safe, secure, loved and free.
A huge shout out to all the aunties and the help staff... you took care of so many little ones, and continue to do so. It is nothing short of a blessing for us.
It was by chance that Faizan, Z and I walked into those Siksha gates... but, finally when we chose Siksha, we instantly connected with the environment and Neetha’s vision... As parents, not once did we have a chance to doubt our decision.
It is time to move on, and we will miss Siksha as much as Z. The next school she joins, has to match up to the high standards Siksha has set. This, is not just for us,
I know I speak for many graduating parents.
Siksha has given a beautiful environment to my daughter and the transition will be a challenging one for her and for us.
Thanks Siksha for the beautiful foundation you've given to our child. Thanks for transforming her into a sensible little girl and a nice person at heart. Words won't do justice to all that I want to say.
Here is to the amazing people at Siksha, may you keep touching the lives of many many more children out there. God bless you!

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