Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hoping and wishing and praying....

The feeling did take it's own sweet time to sink in... I mean I didn't imagine I was ready to become a "mommy."
Now when I know its a nice feeling ... and what better way to do it than to express my feelings in words... Thats the best I do.
So here I am dragging myself through the 1st trimester and trying to be stronger for Fizz and for 'Chutka'... Yeah I know Chutz you gonna hate when we call you that but thats what it is... And Dadda chose your name because he loved JLo's name in "The Back Up Plan"... Yeah it is a movie ... remember the one 3 of us went to watch last Saturday...
Pregnancy is a lovely experience... (with its share of mood swings, nausea, and exhaustion) but the worst part is when both my sisters and my mom keep on saying its goin to be a "baby boy"... I mean no.... I have always wished of having a sweet little baby girl just like me... her mommie dearest...
Well even it is a baby boy :-( I would be happy, but Allah knows I would be elated... really excited, on top of the world if I get a real life doll to cuddle and play with.
So here is wishing one more time - the nth number of time... that my wish comes true and my world turns 'pink' in a matter of 7 months now...

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  1. Inshallah I pray that the girl is beautiful as you and the boy is strong and handsome like Faizu :) hehe heheh which means I hope it is twins.
    And for friends gift diapers its the best gift I think and I am not there or I would gift you these special personalised certificates which hold good for 5 hours flat sleep time for the parents while I take care of the baby in the night.
    Ok then post my innovative solutions I am signing off for now.
    Will be back later


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