Monday, October 11, 2010

My Plight

Ever since I got to know that I was pregnant, I dreamt of having a baby girl... Not that I have any grudges against baby boys... It is a matter of choice you see...
Faizan and me have always wanted to have a small little angel, a Barbie doll of our own to play with... For Fizz it will be more of a Princess.
In India getting to know the sex of the baby (whatever your intentions are) is punishable. Hence I couldn't gather the courage to even ask my doc that question.
Old tales can be found a plenty... Different people are predicting different things but the scale is definitely tilted towards a baby girl....
Now that the time is coming close (with only a little over 2 months left), I have prepared myself and just want my baby to be healthy, happy and our lucky charm :-).
S/he should be able to make us proud and happy... Now it is just looking forward with my fingers crossed for our Zoey/Raif to arrive...

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