Thursday, January 5, 2012

When Z Visited Delhi

Two holidays in one month ... what else could I have asked for. Two completely different getaways. One where I enjoyed thoroughly with Fizz n Z. Beaches of Goa, bikes, Jet Ski, fab views, lots of shopping and celebrating Z's birthday in Style. The other was a family affair, visiting Delhi, meeting mum, my sisters and family after a long-long time. Here things were different, nice home-cooked food, lots of gossip, visiting Rail Museum, arguments and patch-ups, Z’s 2nd 1st birthday celebration (I know it sounds a little weird). 
Z's Delhi Birthday Cake
My last blog gave details about our fun times in Goa where Z thoroughly enjoyed. In Delhi it was a more relaxed holiday. The most stressful thing being Z wanting to cling on to me forever for 2 weeks at least. She was zapped to see new faces (besides mine). She became relaxed towards the end of the vacation. Loved being with Aanoo and Annie (My sis and bro-in-law), playing with Zef and getting pampered by Ammoo (my mommie).

Fun with Aanoo/Aanie

The Deadly Bro/Sis Duo

Best part about these weeks have been meeting family, Zef (my nephew) and Z's combined birthday celebrations, Delhi winters, shopping, and seeing Delhi malls decked up in the spirit of Christmas. The worst part - just one ... I missed Faizan not being around, because he loves Delhi food and wanted to visit the place. 

Like all things, this vacation is also coming to an end and I will Insh’Allah be back to Bangalore soon. Look forward to lots of special moments with Z and individually in 2012. Wish all you guys a special year ahead, where you can make lots of happy memories. 

Till then I will keep you updated about the year that will be. 

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