Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Z growing up to become her 'Dad's Little Princess'

O.K Like many mommies who blog I also feel that Faebook is killing the blogging Keeda in me. Somehow I try to pull myself together and get down to writing a blog or two every fortnight. Which I guess is just about OK.

So, after seeing Faizan off, I have switched on the TV, Z is watching some songs and I'm trying to jot my thoughts down. I know, many of the readers (out of the few that I have) would feel 'Kya maa hain, she's left the baby to watch the Idiot Box... I mean, How can she.' I really don't mind, coz a) I get some time for myself, being the only person to take care of a toddler when Faizan's not around can be really tough. b) Z loves music like her mum, so a little music wouldn't do no harm.

So back on the topic. The day I held Z in my hands for the first time I knew she would be closer to Faizan. I mean Faizan bonded with Z better than I did while I was pregnant and he was sure it was a baby girl. You should see the both of them together. The way he sings to her (in the most besura but cute way) while giving Z a bath. The way she smiles when he gets back home from work. When he narrates stories as he tries to make Z sleep. The stories that he tells Z only show how beautiful and precious Z is. And how Da-Da loves Z the most and vice-verse. The way he starts panicking the moment Z even whimpers.

The affection is mutual. We were in Delhi recently and Z missed Faizan so much that she used to cry endlessly every other night. I didn't understand initially, but after a couple of crying out sessions once I made her speak to Faizan. Basically, he was speaking and she just went "Da-da-da". The moment I hung up she went to sleep. Back home in Bangalore everyday you should see how she neglects me When Fizz comes back from work.

If you ask me... well I don't mind at all. I love the way they communicate with each other. I love the fact that when Fizz is around Z, I don't have to bother about her at all. And as Faizan (just to make me feel good) says "the both of you are completely like each other. Besides the fact that Z's my daughter I love her all the more because I see a lot of you in her." He actually wants me to buy that... :-). I love when he says that though...

So here is to Z and his Abbi (that's what Faizan wants Z to call him).  Till the next Z Update I'm off- in the hope that I will be more regular. Happy Parenting y'all. 


  1. Brought smile in my face...I know daughters are always their "Dad's princess".

  2. A complete 'awwwww' post......

    I can relate with the TV watching scenario....I m also handling the baby all alone and sometimes it is so taxing!!! My gurl also loves to watch music channel...although her choice of songs are peppy item numbers..:-)

  3. This TV watching is relevant to most of us i would you complete the household chores otherwise. My sonny has the same problem as Zoe...he is inconsolable in the mornings he gets up before his dad has left for work...hes glued to him when hes back frm work and royally ignores me...comes to me only for a change, food etc..

  4. Thanks Sumita and Nibedita... Manavi I feel like this is the story of every house :-)

  5. I am touched... I know I love Zoe a lot but she loves you more :-)


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