Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen of Tantrums

All I hear and see these days from Z, more than anything else is 'No'. Either she will go on saying 'No-No-No' or moving her head vigorously from side to side saying a big and loud 'NO'. Tots, I tell you, they are definitely the most adorable lot, but they are also very very tough to handle.

I thought I had time till she turns two, but my 18.5 month old telling me 'It's my way or the highway'... is kind of a shocker for me. If you stop this 'Ghunda' from doing anything she will shriek, shout, cry and what not.

Whoever talked about 'Terrible Twos' was lagging behind for sure. Fizz still needs to learn how to handle Z when she throws a tantrum coz he cannot be a little stern. Another problem with Fizz is he gets hyper, he doesn't think how to handle a situation when something is going on (especially during a tantrum, otherwise he's fab).

I have learned a few tricks on dealing with these little  monsters. Here's what I do:
  • When they utter that dreaded word 'No', I cool myself down (which is very important) come to her eye level and explain things in a low tone. Remember if you raise your voice, they will shout back in a louder tone.
  • Most tantrums happen when she's doing exploring something and I say 'No Z'. Off she goes. Now I've understood, she hates when someone else says 'No'. I also understand their curiosity and that they have to explore things (which is good). I avoid saying 'No', and try to distract her. If this doesn't work, she will start throwing a tantrum... All I do is ignore her for a minute or two and believe me, when that time is over, she is a different person all together. This way they realise that they need to learn their limits and screaming or whining won't get them anywhere.
  • Hitting / Spanking won't work, coz they start think hitting is alright and will hit you right back... if you are ready for THAT, go ahead. 
  • When they are asking for your attention, make sure you are available for them that very minute. If you aren't free ask someone else to help or distract the tot. Toddlers don't understand when we tell them 'two minutes beta'.

So that's me... what about you?


  1. Hmmmm parenting woes....Hey I learn so much from your posts :-)

    Even SG is bit like Fizz in tantrum situation....he cannot be stern to her and when the nautanki exceeds its limit he snaps sometimes ...

    Also in my case diverting her attention to something else works though not always

    1. N, I always write what's going on... and since Mishti is a little younger you find the posts informative :)

      Ufffff these dads they chicken out the moment they hear the word "Strict"

      Diverting Z's attention, doesn't work now (maybe 1/10 times) coz she's growing up and knows what Ma's up to. :(


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