Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays - Z's 1st time in a Kiddie Play Area

WooooooHoooooooooooooo 100th Post

On Sunday, 3rd of June we visited the Forum Value Mall. We spent a lot of time window shopping, by the time we reached the Food Court both Fizz and I were EXHAUSTED... And so was Z, she had become really cranky. 

We were heading to have some dinner, and we saw a Kiddie zone just outside the Food Court. Z didn't understand what the place was all about... but Z and I wanted to take Z inside the moment we saw the place. Z was uncomfortable for a minute or two (because the play area was full of kids who were a little older to Z). Then Z laid her eyes on this area full of colorful balls... and her eyes just popped out. She fell in love with the place.

The result: Fizz and I got all the more tired and just wanted to go and EAT... But Z wasn't in a mood to get out of the play area. Only Fizz knows how he pulled her out and took her to the food court.

Z handing the balls over to Mum

She loved the colors


  1. Zoe seems to enjoy a lottt :-)

    We took Mishti to a play zone for first time few days back and she went berserk!!!

    Loved this TT :-)


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