Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review - Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?

Brief: 'Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?' - a picture book by Bill Martin Jr. Pictures by Eric Carle (Yes, he is our favorite).

Why I picked it: Z loves animals and sounds and this book has lots of animals. She would also eventually understand color (fingers crossed). The book proceeds like a rhyme and describes what does each animal see. The book starts with a bear, bird, Duck, Horse, Frog, Cat, Dog, Sheep, a Goldfish, a teacher/monkey and children/students. The last two vary in different versions. Z recognizes all animals except the goldfish (but it's just been a week so she'll get there soon).

My reaction: I loved the book, it has everything Z loves... Animals, colors, pictures, rhymes. I can't complain.

Z's take now: Z takes her time to get hooked to a book, but in the case of Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?, she loved it the moment she laid eyes on the book.

How We Read it: I saw the book as a video on YouTube and in the video Author Bill Martin sings the rhyme. I liked that and that's what I do with Z. I add the sounds of various animals and Z giggles along.

Age Group: 1-3 Years

Pick it up from: Bought the book on Flipkart


  1. Hey Falak, great review. Love Eric Carle and my daughter has read lots of his books but her favorite still is The Hungry Caterpillar. There is something magical about the caterpillar turning into a butterfly na! Lovely illustrations too.

    1. Thanks Swapna. Z is obsessed with books but The Very Hungry Caterpillar remains her FAVORITE


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