Saturday, August 18, 2012

Much needed Z update

Ya I know, I know... I have been away from a Z update for long. And the posts I've written in past are mere 'tweet-posts' because they hardly have any content. Since Z's 21st month update is a little over a week away I thought might as well right something, before I start feeling guilty for ignoring Z in the blogsphere.

So now, coming to what's happening on the 'Z' front. Z's Ammoo (Naani) has been here for over a week now, and her Aanie and Bhaijaan landed today. I was a little skeptical because when I visited them last in Dec'11, Z was going through MAJOR separation anxiety.

Thankfully, now she is very comfortable with them... (Phew... Sigh of relief). Actually 'open up' is an understatement. When Aanie and Bhaijaan arrived, Z was so excited that she kept on touching her Bhaijaan and kept laughing for a good 1 hour non-stop.

Bhaijaan and Z get along like they are meant to be together. Touchwood.

Another good thing was the Rhythm N Rhyme sessions we attended in the last 10 weeks. Today was her last class of the season and all the kids got a Medal, a Chocolate and a Balloon... because RNR completed 2 yrs a couple of days back. A must for kids in Bangalore.

Z has also been extremely cooperative, I've been very busy these days... and Z's been super sweet. You must be aware, but there's no harm in letting you all know once more... I've started this Early Communication and Language workshop for children between 2-10 years around Bangalore. I plan to start the sessions in September. Check our website

More on Eid, ZnBhaijaan, and other developments coming up on the blog soon. I'm leaving you with some amazing pictures of my girl.

I'm so Sleepy

Still I'm always ready to Pose

Isn't my dress pretty?

Drama Queen

She is capable of giving so many expressions in just a little time

Love of her life... her Mickey

Ready to give a flying kiss any day!


  1. So you could create the FB page. Great. Waiting for the venue of your sessions. Finger should not be too far from my place coz we are dependent either on my two-wheeler or an auto as S is not in town. And Eid mubarak to you, Fizz and Z and rest of the family.

    1. Yup... a little permutation combination and bang I did it. Don't worry I'm in talk with 2 venues in Indiranagar hope at least 1 works if not both. So how's work? How are U managing.

      Thanks a ton ya... Eid's on Monday and I have my class till 2pm can u beat that? :-(


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